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SleepEZ: Diagnostic Excellence in a Serene Setting
The SleepEZ Difference Now there’s no need to expose your patient to a noisy, intimidating hospital environment for a polysomnogram. Sleep EZ provides the diagnostics you need in a private, home-like setting that puts every patient at ease. Each polysomnogram will be conducted by a skilled sleep technologist.

When you refer patients to Sleep EZ, you can be sure they will be treated like special guests. Our comfortable, private bedrooms allow the best possible conditions for normal sleep and accurate polysomnograms. And with the accurate diagnostic services we provide, you will be one step closer to solving and treating your patients’ sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, upper airway resistance syndrome, insomnia, parasomnias, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, periodic leg movement syndrome, shift work adjustment and other sleep-related problems.

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